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Database Manager

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel offers a fully featured database administration user interface, which will give you absolute control over your DBs. You can easily create new MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs and administer them through the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin database administration tools respectively.



An Easy-to-Use Interface

With the Database Manager user interface, you can create a brand new DB in seconds - simply fill in its name and that's all. You will see a list of all your databases and their corresponding sizes. You will be able to edit passwords, to create backups and to even log in to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin database management tools.

Simple Database Backups

It is quite important to make regular backups of your DBs to protect your website content and to steer clear of any unexpected loss of data. With the Database Manager graphical user interface, creating a database backup is very easy. Just click on the Backup icon next to the database you wish to back up and you will be momentarily taken to the File Manager from where you can download your newly created database backup file.

MySQL and PgSQL Databases

The number of PostgreSQL and/or MySQL DBs that you can create varies depending on the hosting plan that you have with us. While MySQL is a very famous database management system utilized by millions of individuals around the globe, PostgreSQL is looked upon as being a more innovative database management system and is mostly employed by technically accomplished site owners. You can manage your MySQL databases via the phpMyAdmin software tool, whereas PostgreSQL DBs can be managed via the phpPgAdmin software tool.

InnoDB Support

InnoDB is the leading storage engine for the MySQL DBMS, which is aimed at protecting user data and at increasing multi-user concurrency and performance. When you want to create a new database table, just log into the Hepsia Control Panel-incorporated phpMyAdmin database administration tool and pick the InnoDB storage engine from the list of available engines.

More Features

Hepsia's Database Manager section also comprises comprehensive statistics about your databases, including the number of hourly requests. This will give you an idea of how much load is generated during a given time period.

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